Feel The Heat For Charity

Walking over fire is without doubt one of the most thrilling extreme events that a person could take part in. It appeals to everyone young and old. Our oldest participant to date was a lady aged 86.

Each Firerwalk costs just £60 (Normal price £100.00). Any additional money that you raise will go directly to a good cause of your choice.

During the last 5 years we have helped raise over £500,000 for national and local charities and good causes.
Our Sponsored Firewalk Events are a fantastic way of raising money for your charity. Our average walker raised over £200.00 we have even seen load hit that magical £1000 sponsorship figure.

When the charity money from all participants is added together this can be a very very large donation. A charity firewalk can raise thousands of pounds for YOUR charity.

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Throughout the world there are thousands of festivals in which people walk across a fire pit without getting burned. Often seen as a right of passage, a test of faith or bravery. Over the last 30 years Scientists have extensively studied fire-walking rituals, and the more recently established fire-walking movement in the U.S. As interest in fire walking has grown, scientists have attempted to demystify the phenomenon and tease apart the allure of the ritual. But no amount of debunking can take away from the empowerment a fire walker can feel.
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You are stepping on embers or coals which can reach temperatures of 1000° Fahrenheit. However, conducted correctly, a firewalk should result in no injury at all or at worse some small blisters. Minor blisters are usually the result of a person choosing to ignore our instructions. We find that ignorance and arrogance are the main causes of minor blisters and burns. We have an obligation to ensure our health and safety responsibilities are taken very very seriously and our number one priority is that no-one gets hurt.
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